Brooke's story

Brooke's story

Brooke was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour in October 2015 after vomiting every day for a month. She became increasingly lethargic and began to struggle with walking.

Doctors suggested she was suffering abdominal migraine but her desperate mum, Kayley, was certain the cause was more serious. A Google symptoms search convinced Kayley that Brooke had a brain tumour. Her fears were confirmed after she persuaded doctors to refer Brooke for an MRI scan.

We know from our own experience how important it is for doctors and parents to recognise when a child might have a brain tumour. HeadSmart has had an impact already but there are still too many people out there who don't spot the warning signs.

- Kayley, Brooke's mum

Following her diagnosis of a medulloblastoma – the most common form of cancerous brain tumour in children - Brooke underwent surgery and gruelling radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment. Her most recent scan showed no regrowth of the tumour but she will continue to be monitored closely.