Worried? What's next?

Brain tumours are relatively rare in children and teenagers, just 500 occur per year in the UK.

If your child is showing symptoms described on this website, this does not mean that they definitely have a brain tumour. These symptoms can have a variety of other causes, which may or may not be serious.

However, any child with symptoms that are unusual for him or her, or are persistent or unexplained should be checked by a GP. When you visit the doctor, consider showing the doctor this website or other HeadSmart materials. See our guide to getting the most out of your appointment with the doctor. Please remember that any child needing urgent medical help should be taken to the nearest emergency department. In an emergency dial 999.

The Brain Tumour Charity, one of the HeadSmart partners, provides support to people affected by brain tumours and to parents or teenagers who are concerned they or their child may have a brain tumour. You can call The Brain Tumour Charity Support & Info Line Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm on 0808 800 0004, or email support@thebraintumourcharity.org.

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