Balance/co-ordination/walking problems

Balance/co-ordination/walking problems


  • Children develop movement skills, also known as motor skills (e.g. sitting, walking, running), at different rates and it is normal to see a variation between children in the age at which they develop these skills.
  • A loss of previously-attained motor skills (motor regression) or a reduction in motor skills may be caused by a serious illness, including a brain tumour.
  • Brain tumours can initially cause subtle changes in motor skills such as a change in hand or foot preference or loss of learned skills, e.g. ability at computer games and handwriting.

Feeling Worried?

Are the symptoms exhibited persistent e.g. lasting more than two weeks?


Arrange an appointment with your GP as soon as possible


Request an immediate consultant referral as soon as possible

If the symptoms or signs are sudden onset or severe, either take them to the emergency department or call 999.