Increasing head circumference

Increasing head circumference


  • All babies have the size of their head measured at birth and at their routine 6 week check.
  • These measurements are plotted on a growth chart in your child’s red book.
  • A rapidly increasing head circumference may be caused by a serious illness, including a brain tumour.
  • It’s important to note that all babies heads will grow, usually in line with their height and weight.
  • Any baby or young child under the age of two who has an increasing head circumference which is out of the normal range compared to their height and weight requires an assessment to determine the cause. Their head circumference should be measured and plotted on a growth chart and compared to previous measurements. It’s important to take your child’s red book to the appointment with you.

Feeling Worried?

Are the symptoms exhibited persistent e.g. lasting more than 2 weeks?


Arrange an appointment with your GP as soon as possible


Request an immediate consultant referral as soon as possible

If the symptoms or signs are of sudden onset or severe, take them to the emergency department or call 999.