Abnormal growth


  • Most babies, children and teenagers grow progressively throughout childhood and puberty.
  • Babies, children and teenagers who have delayed growth due to a brain tumour will have other symptoms or signs, particularly delayed puberty and excessive fluid intake and urine production. These should be looked for carefully.

Babies, children and teenagers grow progressively. If you are concerned that your child's growth has stalled or is behind many of their peers of the same age, this should be checked by a doctor.

Growth chart for boys 0-4 years

Growth chart for girls 0-4 years

Growth chart for boys 2-18 years

Growth chart for girls 2-18 years

If you're a teenager and you're concerned about this symptom, it's best to get it checked out by your GP.

If you're a parent or carer of a teenager and you're concerned, explain that you think they should go to the GP and offer to make them an appointment. Bear in mind that, depending on their age and circumstances, they may choose to go to the GP on their own, although many appreciate having a parent or carer with them whatever their age.

Feeling Worried?

Are the symptoms exhibited persistent e.g. lasting more than two weeks?


Arrange an appointment with your GP as soon as possible


Request an immediate consultant referral as soon as possible

If the symptoms or signs are sudden onset or severe, either go to the emergency department or call 999.