Education module

The education module of the HeadSmart website has been designed to help health professionals improve their knowledge of brain tumour presentation in children and young people and the links between brain structure and function.

By the end of the module you should:

  • Know that the symptoms and signs caused by brain tumours are determined by the tumour location, the age of the child and the presence or absence of raised intracranial pressure.
  • Know some of the common symptom and sign combinations that are caused by brain tumours in different locations.
  • Understand the common ways in which brain tumours present and some of the diagnostic difficulties that occur in children with brain tumours.
  • Be confident in using the HeadSmart website to select children that require reassurance OR review or referral OR scanning.

The following educational materials are provided:

Four interactive case histories. These should take you around 50 minutes to complete.

Interactive neuro-anatomy quiz, which gives information about the functions of different areas of the brain and what this might mean in terms of symptoms that result. You should look to set aside 30 minutes for this section.

Questions to test your learning. A final section which will test your knowledge on general aspects. As before it is recommended that you set aside 30 minutes for this section.

How to use the education module