HeadSmart is a project that aims to enhance the awareness of symptoms of brain tumours in children and young people.

This website is intended for the public and for health professionals, to help us all work together to improve diagnosis of childhood brain tumours in the UK. In the panels below click on the symptom to find out more.

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Purpose of the project

The HeadSmart: Be brain tumour aware project aims to raise awareness of the symptoms of brain tumours that occur in children and young people among parents, carers, health professionals and young people themselves.

Why HeadSmart?

The aim of the HeadSmart campaign is to reduce the time it takes to diagnose children and young people with brain tumours in the UK. Children in the UK with a brain tumour may take up to three times longer to be diagnosed than children in other countries such as the United States. Reducing the time to diagnosis should reduce the long-term disability that many children and young people diagnosed with a brain tumour currently experience.